Sunday, June 24, 2012

Always smile more than you cry, give more than what you take, and love more than you hate.

Lately I've been thinking about what an amazing impact some people have had on my life. Many of them weren't what I wanted them to be, in fact I've been very angry at a lot of them, but I'm so glad they were what they were.

It makes me think, though. I haven't been a positive impact on anyone, really. To most people, I bring a lot of disappointment and pain. So after being upset and bitter about that for like 10 minutes, I figured the best way to prove I've learned something is to change that. I want to be a positive influence on others, I want to bring happiness into their lives, I want to change their lives in the best way I can.

I know it's super unreasonable to think that I will be able to change  a lot of people's lives, but I'm going to focus on bringing something positive into their lives, even if it's just the tiniest thing.

After all, I may owe my life to the people who have done that for me.

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